Mimi-Jane Millinery will ship standard size Millinery headpieces to the below specified 'International Zones' ('Zones') for a flat rate shipping cost of $50.00 Australian dollars per millinery item. These Zones include New Zealand, The United Kingdom, some European countries, Canada and The United States. Mimi-Jane Millinery does not ship millinery items outside these Zones. Hats may attract additional charges due to their size. 

If you are from one of the aforementioned Zones and you wish to purchase more than one millinery item please contact Mimi-Jane Millinery before your purchase so that shipping costs can be combined.

Please note that millinery items purchased from Mimi-Jane Millinery that are shipped internationally may be subject to import duties and taxes charged by your country. These costs are not included in the purchase price. Mimi-Jane Millinery accepts no liability for these costs and encourages you to make inquiries with your country before purchasing from Mimi-Jane Millinery.

Mimi-Jane Millinery accepts no liability for lost or damaged millinery items shipped internationally.